Pre-need Funeral Arragements

Prearranged Funeral Agreements allow you to make decisions about your funeral plans without the burden of making arrangements on short notice or the emotional stress that accompanies the loss of a loved one. The details of the arrangements can be made over time and allows for a thoughtful personalized service. In addition prearrangement allows you to make decisions after all your questions have been addressed.

Prearranged Funeral Agreements are also used when a family wishes to make financial arrangements in advance. We recommend the funds be placed in a local bank with a Pre-arranged Funeral Agreement. The funds are then insured by the Federal Government through the FDIC and are kept secure in an individual trust until they are needed. However, if there is an existing insurance policy we can accept an assignment of the insurance.

We recommend that you talk with Rod for specific details for pre-planning or pre-funding a funeral.

A recommended site for consumer information is the National Funeral Directors Association website: